Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nick Reetz Book 1 Blog 1

Nick Reetz
Comp. 106
Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler
Simon Dustan and Gerrard Williams
Sterling Publishing
Pages XIX(preface)-145

"In the words of Winston S Churchill, 'History is written by the victors.' Never has this been more true than the untold account of Hitler's escape from the ruins of the Third Reich in April 1945" (XIX).

Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler by Simon Dustan and Gerrard Williams presents the argument that Hitler and his wife Eva Braun did not die in a private bunker as originally believed. The book gives its argument in four parts, each broken up into multiple chapters. Dustan and Williams argue that Hitler's escape from Germany had been meticulously planned for years, and that the plan was successful. Hitler supposedly made it to a remote village in Argentina, where he and Eva lived, and were eventually joined by other high ranking members of the Nazi Party. Dustan and Williams believe Hitler actually died in February of 1962.

Dustan and Williams argument of Hitler's demise comes from many different places. First, they argue that there is no concrete forensic evidence that the bodies found in Hitler's bunker in Germany were actually of him and Eva, as well as there being no eyewitnesses to their deaths. When DNA tested, a supposed fragment of Hitler's skull was found to be that of a woman in her mid-forties, and not even Eva's. It is believed that Hitler had many body doubles- a common practice among elected officials during war time. Josef Stalin was known to have body doubles, as well as Winston Churchill. It is believed one of these doubles, and one for Eva, are who actually died in the bunker in Germany. When the bodies were found, the Allies gladly announced the death of Hitler, never suspecting that the real Hitler was still alive. It wasn't considered a definitive victory for the troops and people back home if he was still alive. This argument is very compelling. It would be no surprise to me to find the Nazis had planned something like this. Hitler would not want to die, and the Nazi Party would likely want to keep him alive for a chance at a second rule, should the Third Reich fall. What I find most interesting is the fact that there is no actual proof that Hitler and Eva died in the bunker. The problem with this though, is the authors argue that there needs to be "concrete evidence" that Hitler died in the bunker, but at no point do they actually offer concrete evidence he didn't. While it would be hard to prove something like this, the authors can't say there needs to be concrete evidence of something then not provide any themselves, no matter the strength of the argument. They do this for most of the first half of the book.

Overall I think this book has been written well. The logic in the argument used makes sense, though I don't always agree with it, such as the need of evidence discussed previously. One thing I do question is the length of the book. I feel as though it is unnecessarily long. While the topic is interesting, I don't feel as though it warrants over 300 pages of reading with big pages and small font. Honestly, I know everything I need to to form my opinion about the authors' hypothesis from the first half of the book. I'm not sure where they're gonna go with the second half. That being said, the first half of the book was interesting enough to keep my attention the whole way through, and anyone who likes history and/or conspiracy theories would love this book.


  1. You did a good job of explaining in detail the main story line behind the book. This blog gives me a great idea on what this book is about. Like most people, do not use the word "it" in your blog. There are a few times you used the word "it" in you blog.

  2. I think you did a good job of analyzing the authors' point of view and you even disagreed with their view. One suggestion I would have is to go into more detail about the conspiracy theory because not many people know a lot about this topic.

  3. This book seems really interesting to be honest. I am really interested in this because your blog was pretty detailed but more interesting than anything. This was a great summary of the book. Good Job!

  4. I like the word choice in the entire post. Also how you explained the contents of the book was detailed and easy to picture in the mind. Maybe relate to the book a little bit more next time. Way to go.

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  6. Good explanation of book and theory, only thing I would suggest is that maybe a bit more quotations from the book