Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sua Sponte by Dick Couch

Tyler Promes
Comp. 2
Ms. Gach
24 February 2014
Sua Sponte
“Its easy to be disciplined when you have no freedoms.”
This quote embodies what this book is trying to convey. Sua Sponte by Dick Couch follows Ranger candidates through the grueling and arduous process that is Army Ranger training.
Army Rangers have been the first to fight ever since the Revolutionary War centuries ago. The are the only unit in the military that can be deployed anywhere in the world within 18 hours. To become a part of this elite group, months of training are required. This training is called RASP, or Ranger Assessment and Selection Program. In RASP, there are 3 phases the trainees must undergo. Phase one is all about attrition. The training cadre attempt to “break” the trainees by marching, running, and drilling for days at a time often with little to no food. The washout rate can be as high as 76% percent.
More often than not, you have someone who quits because they are “too tired”. They are unwilling to forgo the few months of training to be apart of an elite fighting unit that is respected and fear throughout the world. They let their thoughts consume them and this causes them to quit. Most people who attend this program have the ability to complete the training. The cadre state that it is 90% mental, and 10% physical. A lot of life requires more mental strength and will to succeed than anything. If people were to have a better, more confident mindset going into hard times, most would find themselves better off.
I am currently enlisted in the US Army and am well on my way to attending this very training. In no more than 10 months will I be apart of the Army Rangers. I believe I have covered the physical aspect quite well. I am going into this training with a “kick me out or kill me” mentality. I will not let my thoughts consume my overpowering need to be an Army Ranger. I have the utmost confidence that will pass training. This book helped me put the training into perspective.


  1. Good Self-To-Text connections! Maybe you could possibly just add a little bit more of a what to expect in the upcoming chapters. Otherwise, very good!

  2. This was good because you put statistics and quotations that you have heard or read from the book in it. It made it really interesting at the end when you said that you are going in to being an Army Ranger. Good Job

  3. Connecting this book to yourself made it a lot easier to understand for the reader. I like how it all came together. Way to go.


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  5. Good job relating it to yourself but you could have used some specific examples from the book to help explain the book more.

  6. Very interesting details about the training, especially for "non-Army" readers. "If people were to have a better, more confident mindset going into hard times, most would find themselves better off." Can you expand on this, adding more of your personal connection to this philosophy? If so many wash out in phase one, what do they lack that you have in order to succeed?