Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Pregnancy Project Alyssa Buren
Gaby Rodriguez Comp. II
Simon and Schuster 2012
112 pages
“That’s when the idea came to me…
I would fake a pregnancy.
That’s what I would go for my senior project.”
At Gaby Rodriguez’s high school, the seniors must do a project that they have a lot of interest in. They must get their topic approved by the committee, do research and write a paper, then work with a mentor for the topic of their choice. When they are completely finished, they give a presentation a speech on what their topic was. Gaby wanted to do something big and one day in her science class talking about DNA, her idea came to her which is the beginning quotation. Gaby unlike many others had a personal connection to teen pregnancy.
Gaby was born into a family with my brothers and sisters. Her mom was pregnant at fifteen with her first child. All of her brothers and sisters have had kids as teenagers if not multiple kids. Gaby was a victim of stereotyping. Because Gaby is Hispanic and from a family with many teen pregnancies, she is at a higher risk of becoming a teen mom herself. People told Gaby she would end up like her sister Jessica who ran off with a boy and came back pregnant and alone. Gaby wants to give people what they expect and see the reaction.
Gaby’s biggest goal is to get kids to take teen pregnancy seriously. If teen pregnancy could happen to Gaby, she knows it could happen to any of her peers. She wanted to prove a point that you could get passed stereotypes and show everyone at her school that they can rise above whatever stereotypes are put on them.
Gaby wanted to get in approved by Jorge, her boyfriend, and her mom before she went and got in approved by the committee. They both thought she was crazy but in the end supported her decision. Gaby also told one of her closest friends Saida who was also on board with the idea. She gets her project approved and finds a mentor in Mary McCracken from a local hospital. The last person Gaby allows to know is her sister Sonya. Starting in December, she started “showing” and complaining of her first symptoms and then she began telling people. Mr. Meyers was the hardest for her because he was a very important teacher to her and she knew he was disappointed. The comments began to roll and they effected Gaby more than she ever thought.
One question that keeps coming to mind as I read this book is “How could Gaby handle faking a pregnancy?” Gaby is a very brave and strong person to be able to handle the whole situation. She handles lying to her family and Jorge’s family, some of her friends and teachers, rude and nasty comments people make about her, and she does this all for a senior project.  Gaby knows all of the circumstances that come along with this project and was still brave enough to go out and do the project with confidence. I personally know I would know have the power to do this. The comments people make about her would happen to me too and I know I would not be able to handle those like Gaby does. She is a very strong person and  I like to think I am a strong person as well, but that situation would be very tough and take a very big toll on me.
Gaby’s mom, boyfriend, and best friend are very supportive. They support her with this whole situation. The whole situation affects them as much as the situation affects her. They support her even though the situation is tough for everyone.  The support she gets for this project is inspiring. The amount of love she gets from some of the people who are closest to her really says something about her family. Even though her family isn’t of high class and wealthy they have the most important things: love and support.
As I continue to read the story, I am excited to see what else Gaby gets for reactions and how people really take Gaby being pregnant. I am excited to finish the book and get to the results and what happens with Gaby’s life following the project.


  1. I like the way you connected how you would feel in Gaby's position. I think you could have done a little more of this though.

  2. I definitely like the way you talked about Gaby and gave great detail on her situation. A suggestion I have is to possibly do a little more analyzing with your opinion, but otherwise the detail is awesome and the quotation fits nicely.

  3. Good review of what happened in the book.
    Make sure to stay in present tense throughout when talking about the book.

  4. You did a great job analyzing the book and how you explained the starting quotation. Something to work on to be write a little more on how you would feel in her situation.

  5. Great quote to start off with and nice detailed explanation of the book. Maybe add a little more personal opinion at the end of the blog.

  6. More personal response would reinforce how "excited" you are to finish reading the book. Proofread carefully before publishing--a missing "not" changes the meaning of what you wrote.