Monday, March 16, 2015

Black Hawk Down - by Mark Bowden - #2

Mason White
Composition 106

Black Hawk Down
Mark Bowden

“Sergeant Mike Goodale had tried to explain this to his mother one time, on leave in Illinois. His mom was a nurse, Incredulous at his bravado.
‘Why would anybody want to go to war?’ she asked.
Goodale told her it would be like, as a nurse, after all her training, never getting the chance to work in a hospital. It would be like that.
‘You want to find out if you can really do the job,’ he explained.
Like those guys in books. They’d been tested and proven. It was another generation of Rangers’ turn now. Their turn.” (10)

In the second half of the book Black Hawk Down, it is all about the battle. The Delta Force has already grabbed the target and are out of the battlefield. Now, soldiers must escape from the bullet rain of the Somali people.  By this point, a handful of brave soldiers have died trying to protect the Delta Force and also while trying to get to safety after the target was secured.

A lot of the second half of the book is still about one of the main characters, Sergeant Eversmann. Him and his unit are trying to get to a better, safer point in order to survive. The unit ends up going and trying to help a Black Hawk helicopter that had been shot down by a rocket propelled grenade (RPG). To Sergeant Eversmann’s surprise, this was not the only helicopter that had been shot down. In the battle in Mogadishu, Somalia, two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down while in the airspace over the battle.

This book was very interesting to me in many ways. One of the ways was because of how detailed it was. Once I was done reading the book I went and watched the movie. Most war movies like this are okay at following the actual story behind the event. However, the movie, Black Hawk Down, followed the book extremely well, down to a lot of the details.

While reading this book, I gained a different perspective on war. As well as what my freedom means and how it has come to be. These soldiers fight tirelessly day and night to keep the United States of America the way it should be. I recommend this book to anybody looking for a story of thrill and excitement and also to people wanting to know of the amazing American war story that is, Black Hawk Down.


  1. Very good excerpt at the beginning of the blog. You also had a good balance of summary and analysis in the blog. Good job on giving how it effected you.

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