Monday, March 16, 2015

Cody Wardell Book Blog #8 --- Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis

Cody Wardell
Composition 105

Founding Brothers
by Joseph J. Ellis
Copyright 2000 by Joseph J. Ellis
248  pages

“American Revolution was still an experiment, a sail into uncharted waters that no other ship of state had ever successfully navigated. There were no maps or charts to guide a republican government claiming to derive its authority and legitimacy from public opinion, that murky source of sovereignty that could be as choppy and unpredictable as waves on the ocean. ” (248)
I began my last book blog with a quote about the American Revolution. I will begin this one with one similar and equally as good as the first quote. This quote comes from the end of the book. I chose this quote there is many specifics and actual quotes from the Founding Brothers in every chapter that make a quote hard to pick a quote that makes sense and is of extreme importance. This quote is important because the quote describes just how important the American Revolution was. The American Revolution paved the way for the birth of this great nation. This quote describes and shows just how the Founding Brothers put all the pieces together to make this nation an icon of today.
The best chapter by far of my second half of the book was Chapter 3: The Farewell. This chapter is about the Farewell Address of George Washington to the United States. He was stepping down as president and this was a huge deal because for the first time since the creation of the United States. Many thought this would ruin all that the country had established and they would have to start all over again. Most politicians close to Washington knew that the letter was coming and some of those politics began to begin their campaign for the next president. The two prime candidates were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. As stated in the book, Washington had thought about stepping down before but never could and finally when he hit his 60’s he realized it was a good time to leave behind his legacy. It was never proven but the author Joseph Ellis states that he believes that Washington finally stepped down because he was sick and had thought about it in the past because he had gotten seriously sick. This chapter had also described how Washington in his late stages of his presidency had become a popular icon in the newspapers and so many papers wrote their opinion on him. I found this chapter so interesting because it went into detail about the resignation and the late stages of the career of George Washington which you seldom hear of.
I really like the last half of the book. The best part about this book that I can set aside from other books I have read in this class, is that I learned so much that I did not know. This book is kind of a hard read and gets extremely descriptive and uses difficult words in some sections. I would recommend this book to any young adult or older that actually wants to learn more about the “behind the scenes” look on the creation of the United States. After this book I can now see how and why this book was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize. I reall did enjoy reading this book.


  1. Good quote at the beginning and good job at balancing the some summary and analysis in the blog. Maybe one thing you could add is asking a question.

  2. Good analysis, make sure to read through your sentences to make sure they aren't fragments

  3. The quote was good and the analysis was awesome. This was one of the best blogs I have read of yours boy. GR8

  4. Maybe analyze the book more throughout your blog, but otherwise this is interesting. You used relevant information and the quote was a great one to use.

  5. Good summary of the book. Make sure to proof read, there are some small mistakes.

  6. Good analysis for how long it is but you could make this blog longer to give us more insight.

  7. You had good analysis and connections to this book, and I also liked how you tied in the quote to the rest of the blog. Like Lindsey said, just watch a couple grammar things.