Monday, March 16, 2015

From Baghdad, With Love                               Emily Koenck
Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman                     Comp. II
Jay Kopelman and Melinda Roth 2006
173 pages

         "I call friends and family back in the States and tell them about Lava and ask for help. I call on a cell phone, so I think at first that the silences on the other end are the usual international lag, but I realize silences stretch out, that may friends are trying to place the word puppy within the context of words they have concerning me."

       Jay Kopelman was going through a hallway in a compound housing U.S. Marines in Iraq when he heard a noise and was about ready to fire when a little puppy comes running out. Jay felt so bad for the puppy that he wanted to take the puppy for himself. Which is what he did. Jay became really close with Lave and they started to have a bond. He doesn't want to leave him behind so he keeps trying to find  a way to get Lava home. He is worried sick that he won't be able to take Lava back home with him. He has seen what the dogs have gone through and he doesn't want Lava to go through it.  Kopelman loves Lava and doesn't want anything bad to happen to him.
        In the second part of the book Kopelman focuses on how to get Lava to his home. He calls friends and family to try to have Lava shipped there. Kopelman didn't realize that he wasn't the only person to want to bring an animal back home. Everybody else that wanted to bring an animal home with them got declined and could never manage to get that pet home. Kopelman was determined and he wasn't going to stop till he got Lava home with him. He has never loved something and cared for something so much before.
       In the end, Kopelman was able to bring Lava home to California with him. He was asked by many why he cared so much about bringing Lava home or why he cared what happened to him. His response was that he cared and loved Lava and he saved him and didn't want to loose him. Lava gets settled in and loves his new home with Jay. It took Lava awhile to get use to the new surrounding. Lava was being a naughty puppy chewing things up and acting weird, but Kopelman didn't stop trying. He then trained Lava and Lava and Jay live in Jay's house is a great dog.
      How could the marines not let Kopelman take Lava home right away was a question that was going through my head while reading the book. I didn't see what the big deal was with Kopelman bringing Lava home. Lava would have been more safe with Kopelman than to stay in Iraq. The big deal with Lava not going to the United States in the first place was because he wasn't born in the United States, but Kopelman was going to try to make Lava a U.S. citizen. It is weird how it is the same for the dog just as it is for an illegal immigrant, well not exactly the same but the same concept.
      This book shows many examples as to why hard dedication and not giving up that anyone can pursue what they want. Kopelman didn't give up and he kept trying to do whatever it takes to make sure he can get Lave home safely with him. After something does work for so long, many people tend to give up and not try any further into the situation. Kopelman shows as a great example to keep trying till the goal is met.
       From Baghdad, With Love is such a great book, and I wouldn't only recommend it to people who love dogs, but I would recommend this book to everyone. This book shoes passion, dedication, and love, all of which everybody needs to know. This book is such a inspiration to not give up and to keep trying till a goal is met. His story is inspiring and I highly recommend everybody to read it.


  1. I like how much you tell about Kopelman's feelings towards Lava, it makes us want to read the book more. You could have added a little more of analysis and your opinion.

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