Monday, March 16, 2015

Gunner C
DMACC comp
Ms Gach

This Drinking Nation

“Alcohol advertising and promotions targeting underage consumers continued to appear, and in September 1992 the Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a petition asking the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on such ads and similar marketing devices.”(148)
This quotation goes to show that the alcohol companies truly were targeting the young crowd. Once again Jonathan Harris did a great job of getting the facts straight. This quotation was one of many that Harris used to make his book as strong as it needed to be.
The strength of any paper or book is determined by what information is put into the paper or book. Without the facts the paper or book is not even going to be worth the paper it is on. Harris had a topic that is interesting because the substance has been around for a very long time. That is one of the reasons why his book was so interesting to me.
On page one hundred-eighty Harris talked about how the substance alcohol was at its most widespread point ever recorded in US history. This was in the year 1820. Alcohol was a must have by many Americans. However, there still needed to be limits on the substance such as today.
From the beginning of time alcohol has been a substance that America loves. Even during the prohibition alcohol was still accessed. Harris did a good job on explaining the substance during that time and made it seem as if alcohol was necessary to the people of America. Overall the book by Harris was put together very well and was full of facts and information.


  1. write more about what question was going through your head while reading the book and who you would recommend the book to. overall good job

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  3. Good quote at the beginning Gunner. More information about alcohol could inform all of us in this class and help us to stay away from the drug that is alcohol.

  4. Good quotation and good job of going on to talk about it more. The blog needs to be a little longer, with more of your thoughts.

  5. Great job explaining why the quote you chose is relevant to the book itself. Do not use the word it next time. Next time maybe write a little bit more about how you can connect to the book and give a little more information. Overall, good job.

  6. Good quotation to start to blog and good summary but more analysis would help your blog a lot.

  7. good job, maybe add a little more analysis on the quote