Monday, March 16, 2015

Nick Reetz Book 1 Blog 2

Nick Reetz
Composition 106

Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler 
Simon Dustan and Gerrard Williams
Sterling Publishing
291 pages (145-291)

"During this period, the FBI was taking reports of Hitler being in Latin America very seriously. Thousands of documents pertaining to Hitler from these years are still classified as Top Secret on both sides of the Atlantic..." (242).

In the first half of the book, I complained that Simon Dustan and Gerrard Williams, the authors of Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler did not provide hard evidence of their claim that Hitler had actually survived after World War II, and went on to live a long life in South America. In the second half of the book, they were able to provide very strong evidence that Hitler, his wife Eva Braun, and many other high ranking Nazi officials were able to escape capture to go on to live in South America, specifically Argentina and Brazil. The book shows pictures of FBI documents detailing Hitler's stay in Brazil, along with many other Germans. Many eyewitnesses claim to have not only seen Hitler, but also Eva and other well known Nazis. However, I do not believe this is absolute proof. It backs up the author's argument extremely well, and makes the theory seem very believable, but to say there is no doubt about Hitler's life is impossible. At this point in time, so long after the events of WWII, I don't know if it is possible to actually prove Hitler survived, however the case is very strong.

The book also details what Hitler's life was actually like in South America. Unfortunately, even after all the evil he brought on the world, his life seems to have been rather pleasant. He lived with his wife and possibly hundreds of other Germans in nice venues, without much fear of being caught by the Allies. They thought he was dead, so why look for him? Even if they did think he was alive, they had already announced him dead to the world. They would take a major hit to their credibility and reliability to the world if they had announced Hitler was still alive and living comfortably. That seems to be part of what made the Nazi's plan so excellent. Unless the Allies found out right away that Hitler was not dead, which they were very eager to tell the world about and come out with a decisive victory in Europe, they would likely not try hard to find him. They would rather just sit back and accept the fact that he is alive even though the world thought he was dead, and be glad at this. The Allies saw no chance of him rising to power again, and let him be. The plan and end result make so much sense, and with so much evidence to support the claim, Hitler's life beyond WWII seems very likely.

I absolutely recommend this book to any history and/or WWII buff, and also anyone who enjoys conspiracy theories. The book is very well written, using facts and evidence to back up claims, especially in the second half. When they claimed the FBI had documents that showed they were looking into the matter, they actually showed some of the documents. That is a pretty good way to prove they existed. However, I think the authors were a little long winded and redundant at times. They would go on and on about one subject, often repeating facts. One example of this came in their evidence that Hitler lived in a town called Casino, Brazil, for a long time. They went on for two or three chapters about this, when they could have accomplished the same thing in one chapter. The authors were very eager to prove their idea, and perhaps got a little overzealous with their writing. However, I still enjoyed the book, even if it took awhile to read.


  1. Very good job at giving summary but also analysis in the mix of the summary. Good quote. one thing you maybe could add next time is adding a question.

  2. Good job detailing all the important aspects of the book, could have made the introductory paragraph a little more interesting

  3. I like how I can tell you enjoyed the book. You could maybe find something to relate to yourself in the book.

  4. Good explanation, summary, and maybe just add a little more quotations next time.

  5. You did a very good job analyzing this book and you made a lot of connections, I also like how you described a specific audience. I think you could have added a bit more summary to let the reader understand your analysis better.

  6. As Alyssa said, a question would be good for this blog, maybe start it out with a question. But you used a nice quote and did a good job of saying important parts of the book, as well as analyzing the second half of it.