Monday, March 16, 2015

The Pregnancy Project Alyssa Buren
Gabby Rodriguez Comp. II
Simon and Schuster 2012
105 pages
“ ‘There’s something I need to tell you,’ I stated. As nervous as I had been when I first announced I was pregnant, now I was even more nervous. ‘My senior project is about stereotypes, rumors, and statistics, and in order to study my topic, I introduced a fake pregnancy so I could learn about people’s reactions. I wanted to tell you before I tell the rest of the school.’ ”
Gabby Rodriguez was a strong high school senior proving she could fight against stereotypes based off her family. Her senior project was to prove that people don’t have to follow the same footsteps as their family. Just because her family had a long run in of teen pregnancy, she was not going to follow that path. She did the project to prove that you can beat stereotypes.
The second half of the book the struggles for Gabby continue with the fake pregnancy. At her family Christmas, her family ignored her and Jorge (her boyfriend). Her brother Javier took the pregnancy the hardest and was mean to Gabby and Jorge. Jorge’s parents were very upset with them and when Gabby returned to school after Christmas the comments got worse and worse. Gabby had to do a decoy project because her pregnancy project was hidden from so many people. She acted like her real project was shadowing a social worker. In the meantime, her mom and herself worked to make her a fake “baby bump.” They made the belly out of wire and clay. She started wearing the belly after spring break so the belly seemed like it grew realistically.
When Gabby gets ready for the big reveal, she tells her science teacher Mr. Myers first and a few other teachers. Her and Mr. Myer’s had been pretty close and he felt lied and betrayed. He took not knowing very hard. When the time came to present her project, she gave her speech in front of the whole school. She gave an amazing speech and many people came up to her after congratulating her on an awesome job. She thought her project would end here after she gave an interview to a local newspaper. The paper’s story is sent all over the country and local TV Stations begin contacting her. Good Morning America was even contacting her right away and wanted her to give the first national TV interview. She end up doing the Today Show as her first national TV show. People continued to show their gratitude through letters and Facebook messages. She knew her project succeed because she helped at least one person.
How could you put yourself through all the harsh comments and negativity? was a question that came to mind as I read through this book. Gabby was continuously getting negative comments and treated differently once she revealed she was pregnant. Gabby was a smart girl and was going to succeed in life. People knew that so when she got pregnant, many people thought she through her life away. This would be hard to deal with when you know that you aren’t really pregnant and know you never messed anything up, it’s just a project. She took harsh comments continuously at school and sometimes from her brothers and sisters. Sometimes they were hard to take for Gabby, but she just pushed through and made it all the way to the end. You have to be a strong person to deal with the negativity when you really have no reason too. She showed great strength, perseverance, and dedication to this project that I don’t think I would be able to do myself.
This book shows many examples about how teen pregnancy is not a easy glorified thing. Many shows today are about teen pregnancy and paint and irrational picture of teen pregnancy. Gabby has been living her whole life with teen pregnancy all around her. Her mother had her first child at fourteen and all of her older brothers and sisters were teen parents. So Gabby knows what real teen pregnancy is like and it is not like what some TV shows make the situation out to be. Teen pregnancy is hard and you have to put your whole life on hold once you become a teen mom. Gabby shows in this book that teen pregnancy isn't glorified and is very hard.
This book was a very good book and really can speak out to many people, not only just about teen pregnancy. I would recommend this book to anyone. The book can give people hope that they can beat stereotypes that are placed on them. Her story is inspiring and showed that anyone can beat hardships.


  1. Good job, I liked the starting quotation and how you would recommend the book and the question that was going through your head while reading the book.

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