Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Camille Book Blog The Hidden Reality part 1

The Hidden Reality                  Camille Mumm
Brian Greene        Comp II
Alfred A. Knopf
p 1-161

“My aim is that when you leave this book, your sense of what might be -- your perspective on how the boundaries of reality may one day be redrawn by scientific developments now underway -- will be far more rich and vivid.” p. 9

Even though I’ve only read the first half of this book, my “sense of what might be” has certainly shifted. In this book author Brian Greene takes the reader through multiple theories that support the multiverse theory, the theory that many parallel universes exist, and then explains how these universes would work, where they would be, and a lot more. Greene explicitly states in the introduction that the information in this book should be understandable to readers without a theoretical physics background and also tells the reader in what places they can skip ahead or disregard the notes depending on their former knowledge.
He first introduces the first concept in the book to the readers to give them a jumping off point: Einstein's general relativity. General relativity is the background theory that gives the rest of the theories in the book a leg to stand on. Without Einstein, none of these other theories would hold water. Next he starts to take the reader through increasingly complex ideas: quilted universe, inflationary multiverse, string theory, Brane and cyclic multiverses, and landscape multiverse all in the first half. Greene presents these in a way that the reader can try to understand, he uses a lot of examples and analogies to make sense of the complex theories. He also presents them in a way that gives evidence for all and Green takes an impartial standpoint so the reader can pick which theory they think is the most viable.
I really am interested in the idea of multiple universes and the implication of proving one of these theories correct. Whether it be the Brane and cyclic multiverse where the parallel universes are nearby to the quilted universe and inflationary multiverse where copies of our reality lie billions of light years away; the impact that these ideas would have on science and society itself is huge.
This book has been a difficult one to get a grasp on. Between not fully understanding the concept and background and the fact that multiple theories are being introduced so quickly, I had a hard time keeping up. I felt like a good portion of this book went over my head and that only if I reread it multiple times, with some outside research, I might get a good grip in the theories that Green presents.

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