Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cody Wardell Book Blog #10 -- A Season on the Brink by John Feinstein

Cody Wardell
Composition 105

A Season on the Brink
by John Feinstein
Copyright 1986 by John Feinstein
311 pages

”Boys the biggest problem you have as basketball players is that you don’t see,” Knight told them. “I am now going to show you why basketball is just like fishing. Because if you don’t see what’s going on around you as a fisherman, you’ll never catch a fish. The same thing is true in basketball.”  (177)

This quote comes from a rather funny yet true connection between the game of basketball and fishing. I believe that this quote is a good one because this quote shows the coaching style of Bob Knight. He found ways to make his players understand what he was doing and he did so with class. This is what made him and his team so successful. I have also heard from my senior friends about stories of Coach Stribe connecting basketball and fishing so I also found this extremely funny and ironic.
My favorite part of this entire book is definitely the last chapter of the book. The chapter goes into an extreme amount of detail about Coach Knight both on and off the court. This explains just how big of an impact that he made on the lives of the people that knew him. His coaching style makes him unique. The chapter talked about certain players that had mentioned multiple times that the man wasn’t just their coach, he was also like a father to them and they would always tell him that they loved him and he would respond with a hug and tell them that he loved them as well. This chapter also gave personal responses from players who were coached by Bob Knight and was truly interesting and touching to hear what they had to say about him. I really enjoyed this chapter the most out of this entire chapter.
I thought going into this book that I was going to get bored reading it and it wouldn’t be very interesting. I was extremely wrong. I found this book to be so inspiring and touching. It was awesome to hear how such an amazing coach touched the lives of so many young men and he developed them into both men and winners. I loved reading this book. I recommend this book to any avid sports fan. I would also recommend the book to any type of coaches if they want to learn how to not only be a coach but a role model to their players. I truly enjoyed reading this book and learning about Bob Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers.


  1. Good quotation and good job relating it to the book blog. One thing is that it is a quotation not a quote. Good Analysis and Opinion.

  2. Good job. I like how you related both the quotation and book to something from your life.