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Cody Wardell -- Book Blog #9 -- A Season on the Brink by John Feinstein

Cody Wardell
Composition 105

A Season on the Brink
by John Feinstein
Copyright 1986 by John Feinstein
311 pages

“Knight never forgets. The message to Alford was clear: you owe us one. The message to the others was just as clear: forget what I said Saturday, Alford did have lots to do with the loss.” (pg. 136)
This quotation come from one of my favorite parts in the first half of the book. It is my favorite because it was the most suspenseful and interesting to read about. Steve Alford, Indiana’s star player, had been suspended a game because he allowed his photograph to be used in a sorority calendar that was sold to raise money for charity. Steve Alford had been Indiana’s go to guy in games because he had so much athletic ability and was honestly the main player on the team in 1985. The crazy part about this is that Indiana’s head coach, Bob Knight, would go on to blame Steve Alford for their loss in the game he had to sit out. He wasn’t trying to be harsh, he was simply proving a point that Alford had put himself before the team and it had caused them to lose. Not only did Indiana lose because they didn’t have their star player, they would lose because they were so distracted by all the media attention that this story had brought. Coach Bob Knight made it clear that something like this will never happen again on his team.
This book is the full blown story of Bob Knight with the Indiana Hoosiers and how they would go on to be successful. It gives you a great idea on how truly great Bob Knight was and how he had some seriously wicked ways of coaching his players. There was a story about how he would put tampons in his players lockers to joke around with them. Of course with stories like Bob Knight’s, people tend to take a storyline and turn the storyline into something negative. This book was made into a movie and took some seriously bad publicity and people accused Bob Knight of harassment. This book paints a sincere vivid picture both on and off the court of the coaching style of Bob Knight. While reading some of the things he does, I sit back and think to myself what a shear genius this man is. The first half of this book has been story after story of the life of player with Bob Knight and how his style turns players into champions.

I would recommend this book to any avid sports fans. The storyline is fantastic and there is story after story that keeps you interested in the book. I have truly loved the first half of this book. I knew the story of Bob Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers prior to reading this book but not like this. This book is a must read for sports fans.

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