Sunday, April 12, 2015

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A Strong Right Arm
“Mama never mentioned it, but I’m sure I musta been born with a baseball in my hand, its smooth white skin curving into my tiny brown palm. Ever since I can remember, my thoughts flooding back over sixty years now, my life has been wrapped up in that three-inch universe of twine and leather. It’s always been that way with me, and I expect it always will be.” (1)
This quotation from the book A Strong Right Arm by Michelle Y. Green means a lot to me. The quotation means a lot to me because I truly love the game of baseball. Baseball just like to “peanut” is more than just a game, more than a pastime, but it is a lifestyle.
I can really relate to Peanut because her mom has always had a huge impact on her life. My mom, for the most part, has been with me by my side every step of the way. Peanut’s mom is the one who really got her involved in America’s pastime baseball.
Peanut is an African American female who dreams about trying out for the all white all male baseball team. The fact that she is African American alone is a big struggle for her time period to get started in big sports teams or anything that has to do with publicity in general. However the fact that she is a female trying to do so makes it even harder for her to make the team.
If someone were to ask me I would say that I honestly think she has what it takes to make the team. On page 44 the story tells about how she has dreamed and trained for several months and training like that takes severe training.

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  1. Inspiring. Reminds me of Jackie Robinson and his battle against racial bigotry.