Monday, April 20, 2015

Gunner Cornelius
DMACC comp
Ms Gach

A Strong Right Arm

“You know I want to be there with you today, honey,” she said grabbing me firm around both shoulders,” but it’s not easy changing shifts on short notice.”-64
That quotation from the second half of the book really hit home for me. The fact that Peanut’s mother couldn’t be there for her on the day of her important tryouts was really hard for me considering the fact that my mother has been to almost every single event that I participated in. However I truly believe that the reason Peanut was so tough and independent was because she was forced to be.
Being so independent was good for Peanut. Because she was so strong she was able to do things that most women at the time wouldn’t dream of. Peanut was something special. She had what it took. The best part of the story was when Peanut tried out and put the scouts in awe.
Trying out for a big team like that is incomparable to anything that I personally have done. However it slightly reminds me of my years at allstate. Allstate speech festival is pretty neat. Although it is neat it is very intimidating considering the high honor. Because of its prestigiousness it is sort of scary to go up in front of highly respected speech judges and do an improv.
For both me and Peanut in her tryouts I think that it is almost safe to say that our lives are improvs. We both have been thrown into some sticky situations and made it out for the best by being who we truly are.

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