Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Night Emily Koenck

Night                                                               Emily Koenck
Elie Wiesel                                                      Comp II
Hill & Wang edition published September 1960
109 pages

“We stayed at Gleiwitz for three days. Three days without food or drink. We were not allowed to leave the barracks. SS men guarded the door.
I was hungry and thirsty. I must have been very dirty and exhausted, to judge from the appearance of the others. The bread we had brought from Buna had long since been devoured. And who knew when we would be given another ration?”
This quotation was a really big part of the book because it shows that wherever they were deported to they hardly ever ate or drank anything. They were run down and always tired and exhausted. They started to become ill and lose all color in their body. The longer that they were tortured and not fed the more Eliezer prayed to God. He then was asked why he prayed because he was asked what the point was. He started to question his faith and keeps asking himself instead as to why the Jews were being treated as badly as they were. What did they do to deserve this torture?
During the whole book, Eliezer was shaken up by all the cruelty happening during the Holocaust. He was overworked and so exhausted to the point that he wished he would have died. While reading this book I was very curious as to why they were being treated so unfairly. Eliezer still prays to God to give him strength and power to help him go day by day  and to be safe. Eliezer was scared to know that he would never know when his next meal would be or if it was his time in the gas chamber.
What Eliezer and his family had to go through was something that had a huge impact on his life. Eliezer’s father was to the point where he was so weak that he just sat in the snow and refuse to move. He wanted to give up on life. Eliezer tries to convince his dad to not give up and to keep moving and that everything will end up okay. His father could not move and wouldn't, so Eliezer tries to find warmth and fell asleep. That next morning Eliezer woke up and couldn't find his father, so he thinks he would be better off without his father because he was too weak and would end up passing away eventually.

I would not have done what Eliezer had to go through. I would not have been able to leave my family behind. I don’t think I would have been as strong as Eliezer was and to push himself to keep going. The key to what helped Eliezer through his difficult times was knowing that he will always have his faith. He knew that no matter what the Germans did to him, he would always have his faith. I really enjoyed reading this book and to learn more about history.


  1. Maybe add a little more detailed thought on the book; personal thoughts. But very nice description and detail on the book.

  2. Great detailed summary of the book. Could use more of your thought and analysis.