Thursday, April 16, 2015


In the book that I am reading, it talks about random facts that most people don’t know and 
also overlook. My book is called Now I Know, The Revealing Stores Behind the World’s 
Most Interesting Facts. The book tells about history, and some interesting facts that help you understand important parts of history. Did you know that people in the United Kingdom, starting in 2005, couldn’t donate to sperm banks anonymously? Or that the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was approximately seven times stronger than the explosion of the Halifax? Another interesting fact is that there was a man in Japan who survived both atomic bombs! He was on his way to work in Hiroshima when the bomb dropped, and then he went to Nagasaki and also survived the atomic bomb that was dropped there! He is considered one of the luckiest people in the world. Another cool fact is that the ampersand(or &) was considered the twenty-seventh letter of the alphabet. In Old English, the ampersand was in the alphabet, but a few letters were not, such as J, U, and W. The letters J and U were represented by the letters I and V. The letter W became seperate of the letter U soon after. So the first half of this book is really interesting and talks about a lot of facts that I have never known before, so if you’re into learning new knowledge, then this book is a good read for people who want a better understanding of the world.


  1. Late. but good structure needs work boy.

  2. Maybe tie in personal thoughts about the context or the book itself. Otherwise, nice description of the book.