Thursday, April 16, 2015

Now I know blog II

Jacob Kelly
Book Blog II
Comp II

In the second half of Now I Know, it talks about animals as delicacies, how board/card games saved POW’s, and how Cairo’s garbage created their local economy. This book is full of wonderful facts, and wonderful knowledge for the curious human mind. Did you know that in October 2006, the United States passed the “Secure Fence Act of 2006”, which allowed the United States to build a fence along its southern border with Mexico? But there was a small problem. Because of a treaty between the United States and Mexico, the U.S. wasn’t allowed to build a fence along the Rio Grande river, so they had to build the fence in Texas, which caused some Texans to be on the “Mexican side” of the fence.
A funny story is that in February of 2013 in Union County, Illinois, a family called the police on their neighbors and accused them of having a methamphetamine lab in their house, but the police found no meth lab. The police found a running maple syrup lab where the family was making their own maple syrup and gladly shared the syrup with the police. Or another cool fact is that “Chicago” comes from a Native American word which means either wild garlic or wild onions. The word is Shikaakwa(say it out loud) and it’s because wild garlic and wild onions were plentiful in that area. So this book is just chock-full of random knowledge and facts and can be helpful if you need an interesting topic to talk about, or to write a paper on. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fact-aholic.


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