Thursday, April 16, 2015

Roe V Wade: The Fight Over Life and Liberty Comp. Blog

Roe V. Wade: The Fight Over Life And Liberty    Millicent Cameron
Nancy Tompkins
Composition 2
A Division of Grolier Publishing
146 pages

“Pregnancy to a woman completely disrupts her life. It disrupts her body, it disrupts her education, it disrupts her employment, and it often disrupts her entire family life. And we feel that because of the impact on the woman, this [if] … there are any rights which are fundamental, is of such fundamental and basic concern to the woman involved that she should be allowed to make the choice as to whether to continue or to terminate her pregnancy.”
“rested upon the Ninth Amendment… I do feel that it is … an appropriate place for the freedom to rest. I think the Fourteenth Amendment is an equally appropriate place, under the rights of persons to life [and] liberty. I think inasfar as liberty is meaningful, that liberty to these women would mean liberty from being forced to continue the unwanted pregnancy.”
(page 87)

These quotations explain the whole book. The whole controversy of this book is whether women got the choice to choose or not whether they kept a baby. This is what the court case, Roe V. Wade, was all about. These quotations are some examples of what was said during the trial or that were included to make points on how to rule this case.
In the end, it was ruled that women got the freedom to choose. Although this ruling was made, this topic is still a big controversy. Whether women should be able to choose if they can terminate their pregnancy or not. Points were made that it would be taking away a woman’s freedom to choose and that some just can’t handle this situation in their lives. Other points were made that this is killing and terminating a human being, a baby, is completely wrong and they shouldn’t get that choice.
Although we are supposed to add personal thought, I will disregard them for controversial reasons. But, from reading this book I believe that this topic has good points on either side and that this can be argued continuously for a long time. The points pull the ruling of this case back and forth. It takes away a woman’s freedom, but it is also killing a baby.
I liked this book for the fact that it gave a great detail on the court case and the topic of the court case. The book also gave personal thoughts and stories dealing with the matter. Some questions I would consider are: Did they make the right ruling?, Is it taking away freedom or is it just killing a human being?, and What do others think about this topic?


  1. Good information, and quote was good, try adding more about what you like about the book

  2. Good information, and quote was good, try adding more about what you like about the book

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