Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Roe vs. Wade - Book Blog 3 - Comp. 2 - Millicent Cameron

Roe V. Wade: The Fight Over Life And Liberty    Millicent Cameron
Nancy Tompkins
Composition 2
A Division of Grolier Publishing
146 pages

To some people, an eighteen-year-old . . . waitress might not have seemed like a good mother for a baby. But these people never knew the love I had, and still have, for [my daughter]. In my mind and in my heart, I know I would have a good mother to her. And our lives---both of our lives---would have turned out completely differently.
It was a possibility worth dying for. But I didn’t. Not then, anyway. Instead, I failed my daughter. At the moment she needed me I failed her totally. I’ve lived to blame myself for my failure ever since. And I will take that sorrow to my grave.
(page 15)
This quotation, along with several quotations throughout the book, are a large factor in the Roe vs. Wade court case story. In this book, it talks about the Roe vs. Wade court case, which was about the woman’s right to an abortion. Along with the usual facts that go along in a non-fiction book such as this one, the book also includes several quotes that relate or give a deeper explanation to the court case and have other thoughts that go along with the situation.
Along with the many controversies that come along with the topic of abortion, the book gives great insight on how the case went. The whole case started with a woman wanting to have a legal abortion. The woman agreed to be part of a court case that worked to get abortion legalized. As many people still do today, different points were brought up for either side about the matter. It isn’t anything I haven’t heard or learned about, but it is interesting to read a specific book about this court case aside from just reading a short summary about it.

Although I already know the result of the court case from previously learning it in classes, I am interested in further reading the book because of the different details they include. Some questions I would consider are: why did the court case go how it did?, what could have gone differently?, and what other quotations are going to be included in the text that relate to the court case?

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