Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Screwball by David Ferrell

Screwball by David Ferrell

“Domato watched another fastball scorch the outside corner at 98 mph. “Kane ever got himself in any real trouble? Anything serious? Jail or anything?”

“Not that I know of.” Conway scowled, thinking.

Lightning raked the sky. Kane’s next blistering bullet sent the red digital gauge on the gun to a gaudy 101.

“No, believe me,” Domato said assuredly. “A lot of these kids nowadays, they need guidance. We give it to ‘em. They help us, and we help them.”” (9)

In the book, Screwball, David Ferrell writes about a 2003 Boston Red Sox team that is still struggling with ‘The Curse of the Great Bambino’. This curse is thought by a lot of Red Sox fans to be the reason for their World Series drought. In this suspenseful book, the team is not well behaved and is in a lot of trouble.

Towards the beginning of the book, one of the players for the Red Sox is involved in a murder of a fan. The manager of the team is let known of this information and wonders why is any of his concern. It is of his concern because there is a possibility that it was one of his players. This is obviously very bad news for the organization. It would be very untimely due to the fact that the Boston Red Sox had an actual shot at the world series title that year. The organization along with the fans think that this may be the year that the Curse of the Great Bambino is lifted. Sharkey, the manager of the team, doesn’t want to jeopardize that fact so he tries to keep it quiet.

In many ways, I can’t relate to this book very much. However, in others, I can relate to it very well. Obviously, there is the fact that the book is about baseball and how I play baseball. Also, I know a lot about how the Chicago Cubs are on a World Series drought and have been for even a longer time than the Red Sox were. Some of the fans of these teams are near insane and would do almost anything if it meant that it would result in a World Series championship for their favorite team. I know this because there are a ton of Chicago Cubs fans around the Carroll area.

If you are looking for a detailed, suspenseful book to read, Screwball would be a very good choice. Lovers of mystery and sports can both get a kick out of this book as it is very versatile. All in all, a good read.


  1. Good book analysis. You could have explained your quote more.

  2. You had a good summary and told how you connected with some parts of the book. You could have added more analysis.