Thursday, April 16, 2015

Screwball - David Ferrell pt2

Screwball - David Ferrell

““My buddy’s a cop,” Harkwood said. “Boston PD. He told me don’t be surprised if four guys get busted on statutory rape. That it happened during the last home stand.”

Sharkey’s voice rose. “Damn it! You want a quote?” He yanked off his cap and gesticulated wildly. “Here’s a quote: We’re two friggin’ games out of first. Anything else, I don’t know. Jesus, how many headaches do I need?”” (44)

This quote describes the second half of this book fairly well. The Boston Red Sox are doing well for the first time in a long time. They actually have a chance at winning the championship and there are issues. From the quote, you can tell that the main character, Augie “Big Fish” Sharky, doesn’t know what to do with his team when if he does, the entire Red Sox fan base will be against him.

In the second half of the book, Screwball, by David Ferrell, the Red Sox are in even more trouble. More dead bodies show up and it is obvious to the team manager, Augie “Big Fish” Sharky, that something needs to be done. He sets out on his own to find the member of his team that has been murdering people at home and away games.
While Sharky is searching for the killer, higher management than him is satisfied with just winning. At this point in time, Red Sox fans are going insane for their local team. It has been a little over eighty years since these fans have experienced a World Series championship. One part of the book starts talking about how today’s sports fans don’t care what kind of a person their favorite player is. As long as they are helping to win games, it is just brushed under the table.
Now, relating to that part is easy. However, I relate to it in the opposite way. When I watch sports and pick my favorite players, I take into account what kind of person I think they are. If they have a bad attitude, I am most likely not going to like them as a player because that is not how I play the game. I am not like a lot of the fans of professional fans in this way. Obviously, this book is a little bit of an exaggeration as it is fiction, but it is a good representation of today’s sports.

In looking for a suspenseful book, I accomplished my goal. The ending is expected yet unexpected at the same time. I am not going to give away the ending because what kind of reviewer would I be if I gave it away. This book was a very good total read and I recommend it to all.


  1. You had a great quotation to start your blog and did a good job of relating to it at the beginning. Maybe relate to the quotation throughout the whole thing, not just the beginning. You did a great job of summarizing and including your opinion, as well as a personal experience at the end.

  2. Great job. Worked in analysis and your opinion along with a good summary of the book.

  3. Very good relation. Always knew you had a soft spot for baseball.

  4. Good quotation at the beginning because you talked about it more in the body and related to it. Good relation to your personal life, but could use more analysis about the book.

  5. Good general summarization of the book overall, could use more detail in some areas.

  6. Make sure you use correct formatting with your name, book title, class, etc. at the top hand of your page. Great quote and great job explaining the importance of the quote. Good overview of the second half of the book. Great job relating to the book. Overall good book blog.

  7. Mobin my momma's man I read this some time ago and you did a great job summarizing it and connecting to the book!