Monday, May 11, 2015

Kyrsten Lampman
Ms. Gach
The Hate List
Blog 2.

“We’re all hurting. We’re all going to be hurting for a long time. And we, probably more than anyone else out there, will be searching for a new reality every day.”

After Valerie is threatened with being thrown back in the psych ward, she decides to start drawing how she sees the world around her. One of the most popular girls in school that was Valerie’s arch enemy prior to the shooting has confided in her to listen to stories about her and Nick.

Valerie decides to go around to all of the families impacted by the shooting and collect a momento to finally put everyone at ease. She puts together a memorial to remember the fallen victims of her ex-loves mistake and finally feels as if she can move on. Knowing that she’ll face the pain of that atrocious day for a long time, she’s ready to face it head-on, to see the light in every day without Nick.

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