Monday, May 11, 2015

Kyrsten Lampman
Ms. Gach
The Hate List

“Feeling like, of all the horror of what happened, this was the worst of it.”

In the book I read by Jennifer Brown, The Hate List is a flash of reality showing how disturbing today’s society is. An eighteen year old girl named Valerie falls in love with a socially awkward boy named Nick who we later find out is also suicidal. Valerie and Nick would sit up at night thinking about the people they should add to their infamous “hate list.” Of course they were the only people in the world that knew about this, so it was a wake up call to everyone on the list when they were being shot by Nick when he decides that he needs to take care of these people once and for all.

In the midst of this school shooting, Nick finds one of the popular girls that happened to be on the list many times. Right before he pulls the trigger, Valerie jumps in front of the bullet and is shot in the thigh. When she wakes up in the hospital she is blindsided by the fact that her high school sweetheart has committed suicide. The horrific news sends Valerie into depression and is placed in a psych ward until the doctors find her stable enough to go home, but still has to go to therapy. From being shot to finding out that the only person she could stand being around is now six feet under to being forced to talk about the tragedy of the whole situation, Valerie thinks, at every milestone that she has hit the worst of it.

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